I cannot tell you how much I have appreciated Kid’s Kingdom and everyone there. Cody went to two other pre-schools before we found Kid’s Kingdom. At each one of those, after two weeks he did not want to go any longer. That was never the case at Kid’s Kingdom. I think there’s only been two times in all the months we have had him there, that he has not wanted to go.

I have noticed a lot of positive changes in Cody since he has been at Kid’s Kingdom. He has learned more than I would have ever thought, and has had a blast interacting with other kids and making friends. For those things I am truly thankful. I feel confident that when Cody starts kindergarten in August he will be fully ready for both the educational work, and social interactions and aspects of school; thanks in part, to Kid’s Kingdom.

We are looking forward to graduation on April 24th, and it will be with some sorrow that we cross off Cody’s remaining days at Kid’s Kingdom on our calendar. We use the calendar daily. Cody knows what it is and does.

Thanks so much for providing my son with a clean, loving environment where he was able to learn and play and be a happy 5 year old boy.


  • November 17, 2015

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